Grip Keeper Benefits

- Help's with recoil control -

- Less Grip Fatigue - 

- Train the fingers only used when gripping your pistol - 

- Passive Grip Strengthener - 

- Keep Grip muscles active - 

- Warm up your hands when they are cold -

- Practice proper grip pressures -

- Train with it anywhere, unlike your actual pistol - 

What is a Grip Keeper?

This product was developed after understanding that grip is one of the most important things in regards to shooting a pistol faster with more control. I tried using standard grip trainers off Amazon, 50, 100lb, etc, and those were great at strengthening your grip, but I found myself wanting to combine the grip of a pistol and the grip strengthener together. You will be able to strengthen your grip on your pistols exact grip. A grip strengthener that matches your pistol will lead to improved recoil control, and stronger fundamentals since you will be able to train with it anywhere you wish. The Grip Keeper is a diverse tool any gun lover can use. Competition shooters can use this for warming up your grip before a stage. Police officers can use it in their cars while waiting for a call. The general user can use it to strengthen their grip for the pistol incase a defensive situation arises. Get a Grip Keeper that matches your pistol and feel more confident with your every day gun.

These are a very interesting product and glad I made the purchase!

Tim Herron
USPSA GM And Firearms Instructor

A solid product here I would definitely recommend. Never underestimate the importance of a good grip.

Bob Vogel
World IDPA and USPSA Champion

I've had the pleasure of using these for about a month, and have noticed some great improvements!

Andrew Hyder

The Grip Keeper is great tool I keep at my desk to work my grip throughout the day. I also like to bring it to matches to wake my hands up before I start shooting. I’ve seen improvement in faster follow up shots and would recommend this product to everyone!

Thy Ngo
Professional Shooter for Team GLOCK

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Hello my name is Ross, I am an individual owner and developer of the Grip Keeper. I use 3d printers to make the parts to get as close to the real thing as possible.

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